Tips for Applicants

Lancashire Tourism Awards 2017. Tips for applicants:

Applications are made online via
IMPORTANT: You cannot save your form and return to it later. We advise you to write your answers to the questions in a word document, which you can save and review as many times as needed. Once you’re happy paste into the online form and press submit!

Keep to the deadline
IMPORTANT: All applications need to be submitted by Monday 5 September at 5pm to be considered for the 2016 awards. Leave time to do your entry the justice it deserves.

Read the question carefully
IMPORTANT: Check that your business meets the criteria of the category you are entering. Make sure you don’t miss anything outlined in each question that the judges will be looking for. If you miss any aspect you will lose valuable marks during the shortlisting process. Just a few points can sometimes be the difference between being a finalist and not.

Keep within the set word count
IMPORTANT: Any significant breaches of the rules regarding word count may affect your chances of being shortlisted. It’s only fair to everyone else. Keep the application to the point. It is likely that an applicant will perform better in some areas of the application than others.
Remember, if shortlisted, you will have an opportunity to discuss aspects of your application in more detail in the face to face interview in October

Be honest
IMPORTANT: If shortlisted you could be asked about any aspect of your application. Anything you may have embellished, even slightly, could make explaining a little awkward. The judges are looking for enthusiasm and passion in your application, written in an engaging and genuine way. Try to avoid too much ‘marketing jargon’.

Make your application easy to read
IMPORTANT: Proof read your application and make sure everything makes sense. Spellchecking only takes a minute and a well written and punctuated application makes a good impression. Ask a colleague to have a look before you submit.

Put yourself in the judge’s shoes
IMPORTANT: To ensure we have winners that can match any in the country, our judges and experts are often based outside Lancashire so don’t assume that they have any prior knowledge of your business or what you do. This is not the time to be modest. Tell us about your achievements and what makes the business unique. Once you have read your application form through ask yourself honestly ‘is this really a winning application form’.

Make it a team effort
IMPORTANT: Winning an award is often a team effort so the team’s input can be valuable, and help illustrate the ‘personality’ and character of your business.

Include examples and evidence
IMPORTANT: ‘Our team provide the best customer service in the city’ is an example of a throw-away comment without any evidence. What makes it the best – your training, your Tripadvisor reviews? The judges will need this level of detail for you to score highly.

If in doubt ask the team at Marketing Lancashire – we want you to enjoy your awards journey – not worry unnecessarily about it.

Please call Catherine on 01772 426 465 – [email protected]

Good luck to all Lancashire Tourism Awards 2016 applicants

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