Tips for applicants


  • Double check the date and time of your interview in advance.
  • Prior to the interview, re-familiarise yourself with the application form you submitted.
  • Consider carefully who will represent your business.  Ideally it should be the person who made the application.  If necessary, a colleague who is integral to the application could also come along eg. a chef, receptionist, wedding planner, conference manager.
  • NB: 3 interviewees maximum.
  • Remember to stay focused on the category you are being interviewed for.
  • The judges want you to be as comfortable as possible.  It is not their job to catch you out, but they will expect you (and your colleagues) to be able to expand on the content of the application and to know about your business.
  • Communicating enthusiasm for your business is much more important than any nerves that may or may not be evident to the judges in your interview.
  • The judges are not able to accept gifts of any kind.
  • Don’t go over your 10-minute presentation time and if you are using audio-visual aids these should be no longer than 2 minutes in duration, as the judges are most interested in you and your answers on the day.  Not having enough time to answer their questions could jeopardise your chances of winning.
  • Remember this is your opportunity to bring the application to life.
  • It’s a competition so this is not a time to be bashful.
  • Remember you are competing for a Lancashire tourism award.  Stay focused on your place in and contribution to the Lancashire visitor economy, its success and future growth.

If in doubt, ask the team at Marketing Lancashire – we want you to enjoy your awards journey – not worry unnecessarily about it.

Please contact Catherine on 01772 426 465 or email [email protected] 

Application form:

  • Read the criteria carefully to make sure you are applying in the right category or categories.
  • Use all your word count.
  • Make sure you understand the questions and answer every element, as each question is scored by the judges.
  • Check your figures/statistics as you may be asked about these should you reach the interview stage.
  • Honesty is always the best policy as any aspects of your application can be checked and tested.
  • Give your application some personality to stand out from the crowd.
  • Never make ‘throw away’ comments without backing them up eg. ‘We use all local produce from local suppliers’ or ‘We are a sustainable business’ – you will also need to demonstrate this with more information should you reach the interview stage.
  • Leave yourself enough time to apply and gather relevant information.
  • Get a colleague to read through before you submit.
  • Put yourself in the judges’ shoes.  Is it easy to read, with robust information and is it inspiring and interesting?  Will your application stand out from the crowd?
  • To view/download the application forms as a word document click here or request via [email protected]


View our bitesize videos on how to complete your application, question by question. 

We guide you through the application form, telling you what judges are looking for and what kinds of things to include in your answers. 
Part 2 – Question one – your top qualities

Part 3 – Question two – your recent improvements

Part 4 – Question three – your results

Part 5 – Question four – your future plans

If in doubt, ask the team at Marketing Lancashire – we want you to enjoy your awards journey – not worry unnecessarily about it.

Please contact Catherine on 01772 426 465 or email [email protected] 

Good luck to all Lancashire Tourism Awards applicants


Watch the full version of the application masterclass and learn about the many benefits of entering the awards competition and how to submit the best application for your business.


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